Small Business Marketing For A Tough Economy


A Prime Time For Small Business Growth

" ...Of the small businesses that fail, 90% do so because of a lack of
skills and experience on the part of the owner" -- Dun & Bradstreet

Hard markets are forgiving. They permit the kind of tactical trial and error that today's economy forbids. Thriving in a soft market economy demands a strategic marketing and sales approach.

The Chicago Marketing Consultants at Internet Knowledge Solutions help midsize to small businesses leverage existing assets for immediate cash flow and profit-- without increasing advertising costs.

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Internet Marketing For More Traffic, Leads and Sales


Is Your Website Really Optimized For Business?

From strong local search engine visibility (including the mobile web), to a "Pay PerClick" strategy that delivers qualified traffic fast-- a company needs a dynamic online marketing strategy just to be competitve. And, if you think about business like we do, 'competitive' just isn't good enough. Consider::

  • Search engine optimization for higher natural search rankings
  • E-mail marketing to build relationships and client retention
  • Optimized conversion strategies for more sales at less cost

Make sure your website is optimized to deliver more leads and sales at the greatest ROI. Use the handy Quick Links to find specific online services or Evaluate our full range of Web Marketing Solutions Here

(SMS) Text Message Marketing

Text messaging has become the most often used feature on the mobile phone. What better way to reach potential customers and build stronger buying relationships with the ones you already have?

Our easy-to-use services let you start right away with absolute minimum costs
and high margin returns.

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more new business FAST...
SMS-Text Message Marketing

Free Cold Call SalesTraining

For real estate prospecting, mortgage, financial or consulting leads-- try Ari Galpers's Unlock The Game.

Thousands of satisfied clients from
AT&T, Wells Fargo, RE/MAX, and
more. Grow your business with
more effective cold call selling.
10 FREE Cold Call Sales Lessons

New Business via Local Search?

Did You Know... 47 % of local searchers either called or visited a local business as a result of an online search? That's over 135 million new sales every week.

Want more prominent free listings
at the best online sources for new
business? Try our local search
optimization & submission service
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