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If you need qualified traffic for leads and sales, can you afford to postpone search engine optimization?

With search engines evolving and becoming more mobile, if your business can't be found-- It's Lost.

Small Business and Local SEO

"Market Leader" Local SEO

Small businesses and brands that target a primarily local customer base often need more specialized internet and search engine marketing campaigns. For most, the first step is to get registered across all the search engines and local directories.

Our Local Market Leader SEO services are for companies who want even more.

  • Site Structure and Meta-tag Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Ongoing Web Content Development
  • Content Dissemination and PR
  • Link Building
  • Industry and Directory Submissions
  • Multimedia Production
  • Website Analytics
  • Online Conversion Consulting
  • Monthly and On-Demand Reporting

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Search Engine Optimization For More Qualified Web Traffic

Chicago Search Engine Marketing, SEO ServicesSearch engines have become such a critical factor in online marketing that good search engine optimization is a must. A business website without high search engine rankings is like a business with an unlisted phone number.

Attracting new leads and sales without a site that's optimized for search will require a steady diet of paid search engine advertising. While there are many advantages to using paid search, it still leaves money on the table when used alone. Here's why...

81% of shoppers use search engines to find the goods and services they buy. They also tend to use the natural (organic) search listings before they click the paid ads. What's the point in only paying for traffic while leaving all the natural search customers for your competitors?

How Our Search Engine Optimization Specialists Can Help...

Our search engine specialists will help your company develop a search engine optimization strategy that is both effective and affordable-- while meeting your requirements for local and worldwide search engine 'findability'.

To make the intelligent assessment that results in an effective search engine strategy, we need to fully understand your business objectives and your overall sales and marketing goals. Once you've made us aware of your business requirements, we can then address every element that's required to deliver the targeted, qualified traffic you need.

Just call Internet Knowledge Solutions at 773.634.9813 and find out how you can get started driving more qualified web shoppers to your company's site.

Your Search Engine Optimization Services Include...

Chicago Search Engine Optimization Services Competitive Market Intelligence

Without first performing a thorough competitive market analysis, any resultant SEO strategy is just guesswork. At Internet Knowledge Solutions, our competitive market analysis is as thorough as it gets because when we're done, you'll know where the most lucrative traffic sources are in your market.

We drill down into the verticals to see what your industry drivers are. You'll know what kind of offers deliver the most traffic and which convert into sales.

You'll also know which keywords your competitors are making money from-- which terms they buy, and how much they spend. (Don't worry-- it's legal). Evaluating this information in comparison to your website results in a solid platform to build on.

Chicago Search Engine Optimization Services Advanced Keyword Research and Analysis

The accurate selection of keywords is necessary to attract targeted traffic from prospects and customers who are most likely to take the action you want them to.

We review the keywords that searchers actually use to find products and services in your market. That's the only way you can be sure your company website is responsive to the ways your prospects and potential customers actually search.

We don't just use traffic volume as a guide, we consider the conversion potential too, because traffic that converts is real traffic-- everything else is just noise

Chicago Search Engine Optimization Services Website Architecture and On-Page Content Optimization

Your web pages must be appealing to both search engine spiders and your human visitors too. Our experience gives us the advanced knowledge you need to make your pages appeal to both audiences.

Beginning with directories, inner linking and flie naming conventions, we address the actual structural integrity of your company's website. From the unseen HTML tags to SEO web copywriting, we optimize for the factors that impact both visibility and persuasion.

We can also identify and implement whatever re-design is needed to increase your search engine rankings-- while driving more opt-in, lead and sales conversions.

Chicago Search Engine Optimization ServicesLink Building: Content Creation and Distribution

We design and implement the linking strategy you need without using spammy, automated link exchange tactics. Instead, you'll get a powerful inbound linking strategy that delivers more traffic while establishing respect for your company as an authority in your industry or market niche.

You'll get a scheduled, managed content distribution plan to ensure both increased visibility and qualified traffic. If your company needs custom content created, we can provide that too. Articles, technical reports, white papers, multimedia-- just ask.

Chicago Search Engine Optimization ServicesFull Reporting And Monitoring

We provide you with dual reporting options to ensure that managers are well-informed. Standard monthly SEO reports are combined with real-time reporting on demand. We'll also set the appropriate KPIs for your Google Analytics reports.

Small Business SEO: Local Market Leader SEO Service

81% of family income is spent within 50 miles from home. That's why small businesses or brands that target primarily local customers base often need more specialized online exposure and search engine marketing campaigns. We designed the Local Market Leader SEO Service to satisfy those business needs.

The Local Market Leader service implements all the necessary geo-targeting techniques to help regional and local retailers, professional practices, maufacturers and distributors zero in on the places where their customers are likely to be found.

Start Bringing In New Online Leads and Sales Today...

Whether your company needs more locally targeted SEO services, or a complete SEO solution, just call Internet Knowledge Solutions at 773.634.9813 or fill out the secure form at right.

An SEO Specialist will call to confirm and find out how we can help.

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